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 The Luxurious Look of  Real Slate Without the  Worry and Expense.

IKO Crowne Slate premium laminate shingles owe their spectacular appearance  to IKO’s advanced color blending technology. It works beautifully to mimic the subtle transitions of sought-after natural slate tiles.

Available in IKO’s special “Advantage” size, these shingles are also the largest we  make in their class, with a generous 10” exposure. That’s 40 shingles to a square. Some competitors’ comparable shingles can have 50 or more shingles per square, so IKO Crowne Slate gives you a minimum of 10% more coverage for potentially faster installation and less waste.

Stately Charm: Fit For The Most Exclusive Properties
For shingle quality that effortlessly improves the curb appeal of your home, Crowne Slate shingles are the premier Premium Designer shingle, giving you a near perfect slate roof look.

Crowne Slate’s individual pieces are more distinct (with minimum blending) for ultimate luxury and head-turning curb appeal. Each piece is cut to simulate your local stone–just choose your color.

Stabilized with additional premium roofing elements, Crowne Slate shingles are long-lasting. Feel confident in their durability against heavy snow, wind and hail, water penetration and extreme heat.

Who Will Be Able To Tell Your Roof Isn’t Real Slate?

  • With impressive color schemes, you can choose a shingle that looks like it came from your local quarry (and only you will know it cost substantially less).
  • Enjoy roofing product quality that lasts for years—even amongst the worst weather.
  • And yet you still won’t need to find a contractor who can install slate; any certified roofing contractor can install Crowne Slate Shingles.



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Size 1003 mm x 336 mm (39 1/2" x 13 1/4")
Exposure 254 mm (10")
Coverage Per Package 2.32 m² (25 sq. ft.)
Qty Per Pallet 60 bundles
Shingles Per Square 40
Quantity Per Unit/Package 10 Shingles
Warranty Term Limited Lifetime
Limited Wind Warranty Upgrade 210 km/h (130 mph)
Fire Resistance Rating Class A
Iron Clad Protection Period 15 Tahun
Standards ASTM D3462
ASTM D3018
ASTM D3161 Class F
ASTM E108 Class A
ASTM D7158 Class H
CSA A123.5
FM 4473 Class 4


  • Underlayer
    • Under layer armourbase pro 1 mm 20-85 dimensi 1x30m 
    • polygum 3 mm 5-15 dimensi X10 
    • Underlayer stormtite 1 mm 20-85 dimensi 76,2 X 1,219m 
  • IKO starter Leading Edge Plus
  • paku IKO Galvanized (Dus)
  • Lem IKO (coverage 10 m'/tube)
  • Flashing 9-12 mm untuk tepi atap (eff. 1,1 m/pc)
  • Wall Flashing untuk pertemuan dinding (eff. 0,9 m/pc)
  • Ridge Ventilator
  • Hip and Ridge
  • Multipleks
  • Screw Multipleks (Dus)
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