Product Knowledge

Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian climates.

Syfon Systems syfonic roof drainage system, designed and developed in Australia, equates to;

  • Lower capital costs
  • Reduced construction time
  • Architectural flexibility in building design that no other system can match

Unlike conventional systems, Syfon Systems significantly reduces the need for downpipes from projects as it is designed to run full (conventional pipes run at 1/3 or less).

All rainwater is;

  • Collected via the company's high rainfall syfonic gutter inlets
  • Reticulated at high level through a piping system that does not require grade

The result is a more effective and efficient system resulting in;

  • Significantly reduced pipe dimensions
  • Higher flow rates
  • Less reliance on pipe slope
  • While in turn vastly reducing the need for underground drains