ThermalRock S (Slab)

ThermalRock S (Slab)

Product Knowledge

ThermalRock S

ThermalRock S (Slab) insulation is designed for general insulation purposes. It is produced in various thicknesses and densities to suit most requirements, suitable for general application in residential buildings, commercial and industrial.



 Roxul MPS offers a variety of multi-purpose use of the metal roof deck, attic, ceilings, partitions general applications where no load-bearing sheets of insulation required. It can be used to partition metal stud for easy installation where no loose or fallen from insulation products will occur.


  • Simple and quick installation;
  • No sag / slump, rigidity lasts for a lifetime of buildings
  • Can be tailored for different dimension
  • Water repellent
  • Insulant Thermal
  • Non-burning and firesafe.

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