Product Knowledge

Cement Based Firepoofing for Structural Steel.

Stahl Thermalshield-C is sprayed applied Portland cement based cementious fireproofing material. Extensive research and recognition of the superior physical characteristic required by fireproofing project in the 21st century led to the creation of the Thermalshield-C cement based fireproofing product to provide fire protection for structural steel in commercial construction.

Unlike low density gypsum based cementitious fireproofing products, it provides a more durable and abrasion resistance surface. It is more resistive to high humidity environments. Thermalshield-C is rated up to 4 hours fire rating per BS 476 part 20 and 21 and ASTM and GB for beams and columns.

Compositions and Materials

Thermalshield-C is a non-combustible blend of cement and vermiculite, contains no asbestos or other fibers. The factory blended material requires only the addition of water at the job site.

Unique Features

Damage Resistance:

Thermalshield-C is a medium density cementitious fireproofing product with superior durability for interior and exterior applications for concealed or exposed structural steel assemblies. Impact resistance and adhesion characteristic are maximized.

Moisture Resistance:

Thermalshield-C is designed to rssist a high humidity environment during application, specially good for regions which have 85% or higher relative humidity.

Better Impact Resistance:

Thermalshield-C is harder, stronger and more durable than gypsum based fireproofing products.