RockTech S (Slab)

RockTech S (Slab)

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Rocktech S (Slab)

Rocktech S (Slab) products specifically designed to achieve high mechanical strength with our state-art-technology in the process stonewool. Rocktech S (Slab) board we can easily bear foot traffic for maintenance and periodic roof.


Rocktech S (Slab) can be used in versatile applications such as membranes, roofing steel and concrete. Rocktech S (Slab) roof boards proved to be an ideal acoustic insulation materials for use in flat roof construction.





  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Increased resistance load tap
  • Non-burning
  • Acoustic performance
  • Fully tested the system on sound reduction for the membrane roof system and steel
  • Excellent noise absorption for perforated metal deck
  • Dimensional stability
  • Performance support
  • Suitable for new build and repair
  • FM Approved.

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