Product Knowledge

TEGOSOLAR is a real photovoltaic roof tile result of a collaboration between Canadian and United Solar Ovonic LLC SpA: seamlessly integrates into roofing tile in Canada, combining the function of protection and waterproofing of the building also the production of photovoltaic electricity renewable.

The photovoltaic tiles TEGOSOLAR are amorphous silicon thin-film triple-junction: the light of the solar spectrum, its components blue, green and red, is transformed into electricity by the different layers. TEGOSOLAR contains 11/22 PV cells connected in series and in parallel with the production capacity of 68/136 watts.

UNI-SOLAR cells have a high energy yield in terms of orientation and inclination for, ensuring a higher yield in kWh of electricity (more than 10 to 20%) per Watt installed than the majority of crystalline modules.

Services offered by Canadian Tile:

  • Studio custom installation according to the needs of the client and the best economic benefits obtainable
  • Assistance in the conduct of practice for government grants
  • Training qualified installers to develop the photovoltaic roof tile Canadian