Mabey Bridge

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Mabey is a leading provider of bridging and non-mechanical construction equipment and services.  We accelerate the construction projects that matter most to the customers and communities we serve. We deliver reliable new infrastructure more safely, more efficiently and more quickly. 

Benefit :
  • Rapid deployment 
  • Modular and pre-engineered 
  • Reconfigurable and versatile 
  • Containerised ‘out of the box’ 
  • Simple to install  
  • Up to 90m unsupported spans available 
  • Multi-span solutions with no limit on bridge length 
  • Multi-lane configurations 
  • Highway and construction vehicle loading 
  • Seismic-tested 
  • Permanent or temporary solutions available 
  • Comprehensive modular bridging range based on 5 key modular bridging systems:
    • Mabey Compact 200
    • Mabey Universal
    • Mabey Delta
    • Mabey Atlas
    • Mabey Logistic Support Bridge


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