Polygum Roofing Membrane

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Polygum is Waterproofing membrane, consisting of a non-woven polyester reinforcement, coated with plastomer bitumen.Polygum membranes are manufactured to ISO 9000 and meet the following highly respected international standards and approvals


The Polygum range incorporates the ultimate standards both in APP and SBS coating technology. The special use of polymers and the absence of mineral fillers ensure a total waterproofing system perfectly adapted to the Irish climate. Mastery of both coating technologies enables the provision of an optimum waterproofing system for any given situation.


Polygum is designed to achieve only the highest mechanical performance and an unequalled life expectancy.The system has been in use for thirty years and the existence of roofs from that period, still in perfect condition, illustrate the proven performance of Polygum roofing over the last thirty years.


Conventional polyester  carriers  have  an  intrinsic  bias towards relaxation in the roll width and a tightening in the roll length, which can in certain very unusual circumstances and specifications, when combined with a perfectly sealed sys- tem and an upward pressure, create a condition for minor ribbon blistering. The Polygum Hi-Tec generation of mem- branes are manufactured with a tri-laminate polyester / glass / polyester carrier, which is distinguished by its excep- tional dimensional stability in addition to its very robust tech- nical qualities.


• Tri-laminate polyester composite reinforcement: dimensional stability < 0,2%

• Turbo profiled underside

• Optimal joint security

• Flame contact surface more than 10% better than conventional torchons

• More flexible with difficult detail work

• Average cold temperature flexibility - 25°C

• Unique Turbo-profile

• Precision-aligned burn-away film

• The burn-away film is carefully aligned with the edges of the roof membrane

• Upper side with colorfast, imbedded slate granulation with perfect adherence

• Superior quality APP bitumen with excellent resistance to ageing

• UV-resistant

• 7.5 metre roll


Technical Data


  • Polygum AE Plain 3mm
  • Polygum AE Plain 4mm


Tensile Strength (EN 12311-1)

Longitudinal : 700N

Transversal : 450N

Elongation at break (EN 12311-1)

Longitudinal : 35%

Transversal : 40%

Tearing resistance (EN 12310-1)

Longitudinal : 160N

Transversal : 180N

Low temperature flexibility (EN 1109) 0oC
Softening point (R&B) (ASTM D-36) > 150oC
Static Puncture on EPS (EN 12730-A) > 10 kg
Water tightness (EN 1928) > 100 kPa after 24h


Length 10 m
Width 1 m


Aksesoris Primer digunakan untuk sistem torching, untuk aksesoris lain nya disesuaikan dengan sistem pemasangan

a Sistem Torching

b  Mechanically attached system

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