Firestone Ultraply TPO

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Firestone Ultraply TPO. The reflective roofing choice.Ultraply TPO is a proprietary thermoplastic polyolefin combining polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber. The scrim-reinforced membrane combines the weatherability of rubber with the heat weldability of a thermoplastic in a highly flexible sheet with excellent layflat characteristics.

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 Height 1.52 m   1.88 m  2.44 m  3.05 m  3.76 m
 Width 30.50 m
 Weight 1.1 kg/m2
 Thickness  1.14 mm dan 1.52 mm


-   TPO Flashing

-   Bonding Adhesive

-   Waterbase Bonding Adhesive

-   Splice Adhesive

-   Pourable Sealent

-   Waterblock

-   AcryliTop PC-100

-   Metal Batten Bar

-   Polymer Batten Strip

-   Termination Bar

-   Seam Plates

-   Insulation plate

a   Fully Adhered System (Sistem Lem)

  1. Firestone TPO membrane
  2. Bonding Adhesive
  3. Firestone Polyiso Insulation
  4. Vapour control layer
  5. Structural deck

b   Mechanically Attached System

  1. Firestone TPO membrane mechanically fixed
  2. Firestone Polyiso Insulation
  3. Vapour control layer
  4. Structural deck

C  Ballasted System

  1. Ballast and/or concrete loading coat
  2. Firestone TPO membrane
  3. Firestone Polyiso Insulation
  4. Structural deck
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