Hydromax Siphonic Drainage

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Siphonic Drainage offers a unique technology whereby you can achieve many Technical and Commercial Benefits.  

Through the use of a siphonic roof drain to eliminate air ingress into the pipework, the horizontal pipes prime full of water which then accelerates down the vertical downpipe inducing a negative pressure flow - hence the siphonic or syphonic name.

This results in high flow velocites that self cleanse the pipework and extremely efficiently removes the rainwater from the roof. 

50mm Balcony Pressurised Roof Drain (laju air Max. = 1.5 l/d (Liter per detik) )

50mm Terrace Siphonic Roof Drain (laju air Min. = 1.5 l/d hingga Max. = 12 l/d )

75 mm Siphonic Roof Drain (laju air Min. = 1.5 l/d hingga Max. = 25 l/d)

75mm Siphonic Overflow Roof Drain  (laju air Min. = 1.5 l/d hingga

Max. = 25 l/d )

125mm Siphonic Roof Drain (laju air Min. = 10 l/d hingga Max. = 100 l/d)

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